I want to know what issues are most important to you so I can better represent you, please share your answers in a quick ten question survey below.

NAUnimportantSomewhat UnimportantNeutralSomewhat ImportantImportant
Fighting the MTS (Moved the Ramp Away from Children and Limited Capacity for 300 Fewer Trucks)
Free, Affordable and Open Internet (Free WiFi Kiosks, Net Neutrality and Low-Cost Broadband for Low-Income Children and Seniors)
Fighting Corruption (Laws to Prohibit Outside Income and "Legal Bribery")
Cleaning Up the Neighborhood (Trash Cans on Every Corner)
Better Parks ($150 Million for the Espalanade)
Opposing Over-Development (Fighting Supertall Towers with Challenges and Rezoning)
Affordable Housing (Two Rent Freezes and Mandatory Inclusionary Housing)
Improving Transportation (79 New Buses for the M15 and Off Board Payment for M79 and M86)
More School Seats and STEM Investment (400 New Pre-K Seats and Millions for STEM)